meike koester acoustic pop rock
with a
groovy beat!
Christian Prescher

Christian Prescher - Photo: Heike RoessingDrums & Backing Vocals

Christian Prescher comes from beautiful Hanover, but also lived with his family for a few years in the even more beautiful Australia. He began teaching himself the drums when he was six years old, and started to receive professional instruction when he was eleven.

In 1996 he began to study Cultural Sciences, Aethetics and Applied Arts in Hildesheim, with drums as his primary instrument and electric guitar as his secondary. Here is where his path and meike's crossed for the first time (together in the rhythm section in a salsa band!). Christian became a fixed member of meike's band in 2005. But already in 2004 they played a few concerts together in the USA with Helge Adam on bass, for example at the 2004 Atlanta Dogwood Festival.

Before joining meike's band, Christian was a member of several bands, among them Die Härte and Peek-A-Boo, and went on tours throughout Germany with them several times. From 2000-2006 he was part of the Hanover trio It's M.E. Since 2008 Christian is the drummer of the band Audio Jet. He has also played on many studio productions. On meike's latest CD "live love travel free" you can hear him on two tracks ("Travelling" and "Stop Haunting Me").

Christian's musical interests are versatile. He likes everything that's great and grooves, from the Beatles, Norah Jones and Robben Ford to Alanis Morissette and Skunk Anansie. And on the side, he prepares himself for the next marathon.


Discography (excerpt):

meike koester: live love travel free (2006)
It´s M.E.: When The Blues Come Over M.E. ... (2005)
It´s M.E.: Parisian Waltz (2004)
It´s M.E.: Absolutely Live (2003)
Andy Lee & Tennessee Rain: C´mon Everybody! (2004)
Andy Lee & Tennessee Rain: Wild ´n´ Rough (1999)
Peek-A-Boo: My Little Circus (1998)
Peek-A-Boo: Red (Maxi-Single 1996)
Gunter Gabriel: Straßenhund (1995)
Die Härte: Härtemania (1992)
Die Härte: Wahnsinn I (1990)

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