meike koester acoustic pop rock
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Olaf Reitmeier

Olaf Reitmeier - Photo: Thomas AmmerpohlElectric Guitar

Olaf Reitmeier was born in Wolfsburg and already six years later started his musical career on the recorder and the glockenspiel. Against the will of his parents he resisted the piano, but learned to play the classical and electric guitar and later the bass guitar.

After he finished school he started developing contacts with professional recording studios, but first finished his training as a shipping company merchant, before studying mechanical engineering at the university. But soon it became clear to him that his true calling was music. As a musician on stage and in the studio he has played with a lot of bands (from Hyper Child, Bosse and Amanda Somerville to the Poets and Ted Herold). Olaf also gained more and more experience as a sound engineer and is now co-owner of a professional recording studio near Wolfsburg.

From time to time he has helped out as a bass player in meike's band, until finally his great talent as a guitar player and sound genius was let loose on meike's music. On "live love travel free" Olaf played almost all the electrical guitars, mixed all of the songs and is, along with meike, the main producer.

Olaf likes to listen to versatile music styles as different as classical music (epoch of romanticism / late romanticism, Debussy, Elgar, etc.), good songwriters (Neil Finn, Sting, Sheryl Crow, James Taylor) and bands like Korn, Audioslave or Depeche Mode.

In addition he's a little bookworm (e.g. Umberto Eco and Frank Schätzing), plays chess moderately well, cooks with some room for improvement, and also from time to time works out a little. Especially when he has eaten his favorite pizza with a dry red wine the night before.

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