meike koester acoustic pop rock
with a
groovy beat!
Peter Stoschus

Peter Stoschus - Photo: Heike RoessingBass & Backing Vocals

Peter Stoschus is the calming influence of the band and sometimes gets mistaken for Hunter S. Thompson. Fortunately, he's as fresh as a daisy and much younger.

Peter was born in Hanover. For his first instrument he was given a guitar, and nothing then seemed to block the way to rock stardom. But quickly he discovered that there was a much bigger demand for bass players. So when he was about 15 years old, he switched over to the instrument he still plays today, the bass guitar.

Soon Peter's first band Inner Voice was founded. Many others followed (one of which was No Sex Until Marriage). His versatility also showed up in his further shaping of his life plans. As a quasi back-up plan, he got trained to be an interior decorator.

Apart from that, his heart not only beats for his favorite soccer team Hanover 96 but also in the last several years for his small son. Nevertheless he still needs to go fishing once a year.

Peter listens to everything from Nirvana to Miles Davis. Still, you can pry a favorite band out of him after all, The Eels.

He joined meike's band when he almost ran into Christian's car (meike's drummer). Christian acted as quick as a flash. "That guy," he thought, "would be an asset in the band." And he was right!


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