meike koester acoustic pop rock
with a
groovy beat!
Robert Hunecke-Rizzo

Robert Hunecke-RizzoDrums / Backing vocals
(in meike's band 1998-2006)

The Wolfsburg based musician has many talents. At age twelve, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo began playing the drums, and almost every following year added another instrument to his list: starting with piano and keyboard, followed by (jazz) guitar and finally electric bass when he was seventeen years old. Also a singer, composer and arranger, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo has been able to live as a freelance artist since he was twenty-three years old.

Since then Robert has been asked to do national tours with acts as diverse as The Dimple Minds and Ted Herold. With Heaven's Gate he not only toured through Germany but also throughout Japan, having several album successes in the Japanese Heavy Metal Charts.

Robert Hunecke-Rizzo writes and arranges songs (e.g. for The Wolfsburg Dancing Theater) and most of all is a high-profile studio musician: Robert performed on various instruments on more than 40 national and international CD productions. You can admire the list on his own website.

Robert Hunecke-Rizzo and meike koester met in 1997 during recording sessions at the Gate Recording Studios in Ehmen, close to Wolfsburg, where Robert was asked to help out on percussion for "Move Slow." He joined her band in 1998 and can be heard on meike's CDs "angel" (1998) and "soap for dirty girls" (2002) on several songs as a drummer, percussion player and background singer. On "live love travel free" he not only played almost all the drum tracks, but also the electric guitar solo on "Tell the Universe" und the "swells" on "Westbound Train." On "Why Worry" he even played the keys on a CP70 and sang the background vocals.

After recording "live love travel free" Robert took the opportunity to finally dedicate himself to his own music projects. His album "Alter Ego," on which he performed almost all the instruments and vocals himself, was finished in summer 2007 and can be ordered on his web site.

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