meike koester acoustic pop rock
with a
groovy beat!

around music

Thank you for the technical expertise and general support!

AER Logo neu

The best pickups and amplifiers for acoustic instruments! Honey for the ears from Velbert, Germany.

Lakewood Guitars

The grooviest guitars. Love at first sight since 1991! From Giessen, Germany.

Elixir Strings

Awesome strings! They sound super for a long time and feel great.


Excellent studio with a competent and super nice team.

Tom Wö

Seefahrerherz image and other fantastic graphic creations!

Support Hero Rats: Trained rats help detect land mines and TB in Mozambique and Thailand with their keen sense of smell.

Great feeling for the moment! Live photos deluxe!

Harbour pictures and other awesome photography!

Support Doctors Without Borders

Emergency relief in more than 60 countries around the world!
Support Doctors Without Borders!


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