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meike koester - photo: Ralf-B. Poschadelmeike grooves!

“When koester is onstage the audience is hers from the very beginning,” the Brunswick daily newspaper writes. And now audiences can finally enjoy the experience at home with meike's new DVD of one of her live solo performances.

koester blends her colorful musical ideas and lyrics into an idiosyncratic and ingenious mixture. Fans of acoustic “pop/rock/country/folk” with versatile vocals and groovy guitar will absolutely love a concert by meike koester!

After three CDs with songs in English and concert tours in the US, some German titles have snuck into meike's program for the first time. “Your sailor's heart is afraid to love,” one song artfully plays with words, but one can also understand it to mean, “Your sailor's heart becomes afraid because it is so in love.” Another song explains that “sometimes you have to leave in order to see what remains.” Again and again, meike koester explores the borders between leaving and staying, between responsibility and freedom.

In a warm-hearted and charming way, meike draws the audience in when she tells little stories about the songs and explains in a conversational tone how the electronic effects for her acoustic guitar work.

meike might stand all by herself on stage, but sometimes it seems like a bass guitar or drum set is hiding in her acoustic guitar as well, that's how groovy, full and multifaceted her guitar playing sounds. The audience can't help but experience her joy of playing when meike occasionally uses a wah-wah pedal, a loop station or even a distortion effect. A modern singer-songwriter indeed.

One can also experience meike with a “real” band. The entertaining trio with Peter Stoschus (bass) and Christian Prescher (drums and cajon) offers a warm, versatile band sound that fills intimate stages and bigger live music clubs with an atmosphere that is sometimes pulsating and rocky, at other times soft and melodic.

Audiences beyond Germany also enjoy meike koester's charismatic stage presence and great songwriting. “She's got what it takes to be a star!” raved the ORF (Austrian Public Broadcasting Service) about meike koester's Austria debut.

In June 2000 she performed as one of 21 participants (from LA, Chicago, NY, Boston, etc.) in the semi-annual singer-songwriter contest at Eddie's Attic in Decatur/Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Eddie's is an acoustic club known for being the place where musicians like Shawn Mullins, John Mayer and the Indigo Girls got their start. meike koester was awarded Second Prize.

Since then she is regularly in Georgia and California and has toured with Carlos Calvo, Kodac Harrison, Caroline Aiken and others. meike performed at the “Atlanta Dogwood Festival” (2004) with her trio and has played concerts with such varied artists as Eric Taylor, Pierce Pettis, Beth Wood and Dede Vogt.

In addition to her own solo concerts, meike koester has performed as a warm-up act with Marc Cohn (“Walking In Memphis”), Alannah Myles (“Black Velvet”) and Toto (all in Germany), and in 2001 was awarded the Young Artists' Prize of Lower Saxony, Germany for her musical talent. This prize honors the artistic abilities of young musicians, painters, writers and performers. In April 2009 meike was one of the featured artists at the “Pop Meets Classic” (PMC) concert in Brunswick, Germany and was accompanied by the Brunswick State Orchestra and the PMC Band as she played her song “Seefahrerherz” (“Sailor's Heart”g) in front of an audience of 6,000 in the VW Hall.

Meike's fourth (and first German) CD Seefahrerherz appeared in 2011 and was awarded the "Best CD-Album in German, 2011" by the German Pop Foundation.

meike is currently working on her fifth album. More in the fall/winter 2015/2016!





All were released on meike's label, eve's apple music production.

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